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About North East Coastal Arts

The story of North East Coastal Arts began several years ago when local artist Dave Routledge began to create unique pieces of art for his home on the  North East coast. 

Soon friends and relations began to admire the work and sales and commissions began to steadily increase.

With encouragement from local galleries, collectors and other artists Dave has built a local following and has finally decided to make his work more widely available.

His work is inspired by holiday trips to fishing villages and seaside resorts across the British Isles and his work evokes favourite holiday destinations and memories of day trips to the seaside.

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Handmade in the North East

Dave creates his pieces from driftwood washed up on the North East coast. Each piece of driftwood is carefully sculpted to bring out its natural characteristics. Each piece is unique and is individually signed by the artist.

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How it's made

The driftwood 'find' goes through a number of stages. First it is cleaned and dried and during this process Dave is looking for the forms hidden within. These forms are then roughly chiselled out and refined with files and sandpaper. Finishing touches are added and the final sculpture is then sympathetically painted to bring out the colours in the original piece of driftwood.

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Meet Our Team

Creative and Passionate


Julie Routledge

Curator and General Manager

Julie (also a talented artist - watch this space) is responsible for running the show and keeping the rest of the team in order. Provider of sausages, crabsticks and other comestibles she also keeps a close eye on marketing and accounts.



forager and CEO

Tashtago Wampanoag (or Tasha) is a key member of the team. Since arriving in September 2015 she has brought passion and commitment to the hunt for driftwood. Undeterred by adversity and willing to work for sausage pieces and crabsticks she is a valuable asset and a loyal team player.


Dave Routledge

Artist (in every sense of the word)

Officer in charge of whittling. Often to be found in the garage or on the beach with the CEO.
Failing that he'll be in the pub.

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